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Body Contouring (Exilis Elite )

As many of us have learned by experience, dieting and exercising doesn’t always give you the body you want. That’s why NY Laser MD features Long Island body shaping treatments. Fortunately, Nassau County Exlilis Elite is a non-surgical procedure that employs radio frequency to reshape areas of your body by tightening, lifting, and firming the skin. Queens body shaping is non-invasive, so it’s only a fraction of the cost that a surgical operation will run. Today’s innovative Long Island body shaping treatments can target hard-to-hit spots like your jaw area, arms, buttocks, and thighs.

Our Nassau County Exlilis Elite body shaping procedure delivers targeted radio frequency energy to the target area. The process includes a safe level of heat that penetrates deeply into the skin’s layers to trigger collagen production; so, essentially Queens body shaping works with the body to arrive at a more contoured look. Typically, each Nassau County Exlilis Elite treatment will last about an hour, but the process is comfortable. There’s no pain or bruising involved. You can return to your regular activities because there’s no downtime involved with Queens body shaping.

Many clients ask us if they’ll notice results right away. Unlike other Long Island body shaping treatments, Nassau County Exlilis Elite requires fewer treatments because the radio-frequency device and its advanced technology are highly effective. Usually, clients require two to four treatments that involve two to three-week intervals in between. Because the Queens body shaping relies on the body’s own collagen production, best results may not be fully realized until a few months after the treatment series is complete.

If you’re wondering if you’re a good candidate for our body shaping techniques like Exlilis Elite, schedule a consultation. We’re extremely approachable. We can recommend a plan and course of treatments that are in keeping with your body-shaping goals and budget.

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