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Melasma Treatment

Melasma treatment is one of our Long Island skincare offerings at NY Laser MD. Melasma is a common skin disorder that involves the development of brown or gray patches of pigment on the skin—most often on the face, including the forehead, cheeks, bridge of the nose, and upper lip. However, these patches can also appear on the shoulders, neck, forearms, and other parts of the body. Our melasma treatment, as part of our Nassau County skin rejuvenation offerings, involves chemical peels and laser treatments designed to target these pigmented patches. If you have melasma, our Queens, NY, skin care solutions can help reduce pigment to achieve more even-looking skin.

What causes melasma? Researchers are still trying to determine the precise mechanisms for melasma to develop, but it’s clear that it involves a malfunction of the melanocytes, the skin cells responsible for color. Melasma develops when these cells over-produce color. It also seems clear that the most common triggers for melasma include sun exposure, hormonal changes, hormone treatments (including birth control pills), and certain skin care products that may irritate the skin. With our Long Island skincare melasma treatments, you can achieve skin improvements that are dramatically noticeable.

Do Nassau County skin rejuvenation treatments like melasma therapy last? Melasma is often a recurring problem, especially when it’s triggered by sun exposure. Some people are genetically susceptible to this skin condition. For some clients, our Queens, NY, skin care melasma treatment lasts as melasma patches remain faded. However, some clients need to return for further treatments to reduce melasma outbreaks. Keep in mind that staying out of the sun may also help you prevent a melasma eruption.

If you’re interested in our Nassau County skin rejuvenation therapies, visit NY Laser MD for a consultation. We can advise you about which Queens, NY, skin care solution is ideal for treating your melasma. We welcome clients throughout Long Island and Nassau County. Call to schedule your skincare appointment today.

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