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Did you know that there are multiple types of acne? That’s why NY Laser MD features multiple types of Nassau County pimple treatments to provide customized acne solutions for our clients. Our Long Island acne treatment targets acne such as whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodular acne, cysts, and acne rosacea. Although acne is relatively common among teens and adults, it can affect how an individual feels about their appearance. With our Nassau County pimple treatments, we can minimize acne outbreaks so that clients look and feel their best.

Acne can be caused by numerous factors, many of which are beyond a person’s control. According to Dr. Sami, elements like genetic disposition, hormones, stress, bacteria exposure, pollution, and chemical compounds (like oil-based cosmetics) can lead to acne breakouts. Even some medications can trigger acne to erupt. With Nassau County pimple treatments, you can minimize the appearance of acne and maintain your skin’s ongoing preservation. To achieve our noticeable results, we feature Obagi Blue skin peel dermaroller treatment as well as PPx/Isolaz, the only laser solution approved by the FDA to treat acne.

Want to know if Long Island acne treatment is right for you? Visit NY Laser MD for a consultation. It’s important to determine what type of acne you have so that we can recommend the ideal treatments for you. Dr. Sami and her medical spa serve clients throughout Long Island and Nassau County. If you live in communities such as Williston Park, North Williston Park, Roslyn, Garden City, New Hyde Park, or Queens, you’ll find that we’re conveniently located.

Do you have questions about our Nassau County pimple treatments? Contact us. We can discuss our Long Island acne treatment and address all your questions and concerns. Our acne treatments are safe and require no downtime. Plus, we believe you’ll love the results.

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