Skin Tightening

NY Laser MD specializes in Long Island skin tightening. Cleared by the FDA, this innovative treatment is non-surgical and employs continuous radio frequency complemented by controlled cooling to eliminate fat, contour the targeted area, and tighten skin. After a session of Williston Park radio frequency skin tightening, you might expect downtime, but that’s not the case with our Long Island skin tightening service. Designed for both safety and efficacy, Long Island skin tightening delivers measurable results.

If you’re interested in Nassau County laser skin tightening, visit our medical spa for a consultation. This treatment is designed to provide skin tightening, body contouring, cellulite reduction, wrinkle reduction, stimulate collagen, and reduce skin laxity. Williston Park radio frequency skin tightening requires no anesthesia and no pain medications. Because it involves no downtime, you don’t have to devote days of your life to recovery as you would with a surgical option.

When you visit NY Laser MD for a consultation, Dr. Sami and her team can explain how this cutting-edge procedure can work for you. Williston Park radio frequency skin tightening has been clinically tested and has scientifically proven outcomes. Its super radio frequency heating together with its advanced semiconductor cooling deliver results you can see. Our Nassau County laser skin tightening solutions can target the neck, eye orbs, forehead, hands, and more.

NY Laser MD is a Long Island medical spa that serves clients in Nassau County as well as communities like Queens, Roslyn, Williston Park, North Williston Park, New Hyde Park, and Garden City. If you’re struggling with loose or lax skin and want to achieve a more youthful look with firmer skin, contact our medical spa to schedule a consultation. Visit us and find out if Williston Park radio frequency skin tightening is right for you. We can answer all of your questions and address any concerns you might have during your visit.

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